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Looking to know more information about the different types of wood we use?47ff9b8da9d3477765651039fe1f5278_tree-clipart-png-png-landscape-clipart-tree-png_5000-4307


A light, creamy color with red undertones defines this hardwood. Incredibly durable, Maple is perfect for heavier items, furniture, and outdoor use. Bigleaf Maple is especially eye-catching due to its curly appearance.


Ranging from a golden hue to deep chocolate, Walnut is a strong wood that will last for years to come. Black Walnut in particular is popular because of its often red or purple cast and natural shine. This hardwood makes for beautiful bowls and centerpieces.


Cherry features a straight grain pattern accented by its tones ranging from blonde to a vivid and dark red. This versatile wood is striking on everything from cutting boards to vases, and showcases especially well in pepper grinders.


Related to Cherry, Plum is often found to have streaks of pink, olive, and purple accenting its light brown base. This colorful wood has a smooth, fine texture and often sports a swirled grain due to the small stature of the Plum tree.

Monkey Puzzle

Hailing from South America, Monkey Puzzle is the national tree of Chile and is sometimes referred to as ‘Chilean Pine’, although it is not of the pine genus. Light brown grain with shades of yellow or red are often complemented by contrasting patterns of gray and black. This rare wood is remarkably beautiful and has a natural luster.


Highly lustrous, Kingwood is regarded as one of the densest woods found in the rosewood family. Deep reds and purples with even darker lowlight streaks give this wood a regal appearance, and it is thought to have been named due to the love French kings had for it.

Desert Ironwood

This extremely dense wood hails from Mexico and the Southwest U.S., and is regarded for its contrasting coloration: Desert Ironwood may range from a warm orange to burgundy, though may at times appear completely black. Stability is one of the key features of Ironwood, and although it is often used in knife-making this wood species is ideal for many items.


Holly is set apart from fellow light woods by its grain: the pattern is often just lightly visible, allowing for an almost completely uniform appearance. Combined with the incredibly pale white coloring, these attributes make decorative Holly pieces ideal to blend in with any decor style or color scheme.

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